Toxins in Beauty - More Evidence Revealed

Toxins in Beauty - More Evidence Revealed

You may have noticed new reports and studies being done in the cosmetic industry surrounding toxic ingredients like PFA's and chemicals in our beauty, especially long lasting products.

This is nothing new, in fact those of us in the natural beauty industry have been aware of these hidden nasties for quite a while, however for every claim on toxic ingredients being harmful, the industry some how puts their spin on it and continue to use these ingredients.  The best one I have heard is that these toxins are in such small amounts it does not matter.


My philosophy is if there is an option to have toxins or no toxins why would you and why should you have to choose.  It just seems to be a very clear option to opt for none obviously.  I think if I was shopping for food and the label said "small amount of toxins included" there is no way I would buy it.


I have heard many reasons why consumers don't want to switch to natural - The main reason I have been given  as to why consumers continue to buy products that potentially have toxic ingredients like deodorant and perfume is that the natural alternative just don't work.

This is just not true anymore. 

In fact this is one of the big deciding factors when I put anything in the Mooi Boutique is that it must work, do what it promises and be beautiful to use, not just natural - because yes there are plenty of natural products out there that have very small amounts of actives and don't deliver the results we want - and that is not just in skincare but right across the beauty category.


At Mooi + U Beauty we offer NO COMPROMISE Beauty.


The latest reports talk about PFAs - here is the link to one story by SMH Carrie Fellner - however there are many other potentially harmful ingredients in all our beauty products.  These are products we don't just use once or twice a week, but products we use once or twice a DAY and we use more than one of them, just think of your morning process, shower products, deodorants, toothpaste, skincare, makeup, perfume.  It is estimated we use around 16 products a day.


I have created a hot list of ingredients you want to avoid as best you can.  You can download it here on our download page.





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