Time for a Spring Cleanse

Time for a Spring Cleanse

A Great Multi Tasker Supplement Perfect for Spring Cleanse

For those looking for a bit of a Spring Cleanse, the Cleanse from Kissed Earth is hard to go past.

Kissed Earth Cleanse 

Cleanse is a blend of Bovine Collagen (30%) Bentonite Clay, Probiotics and Botanicals.
Collagen is known to support skin hair nails and joints, the added benefit fo the clay helps to detoxify and the probiotics help with gut health.
Mix 2 level teaspoons with water and drink once a day or a single spoon twice a day, Kissed Earth recommends 12 gms per day.
Well there are many but expect improvements in:

  • Gut Health
  • Joints 
  • Hair and Nails
  • Skin Elasticity and Health
  • Digestion

Pick yours up here at Mooi + U Beauty for $89.95


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