The Ultimate Brightening Home Facial

The Ultimate Brightening Home Facial

If you skin is looking dull and tired - then you need a Brightening Facial and hey we are stuck at home indefinitely - well those of us in Sydney are so why not treat yourself to a at home facial.  Even if you are free to visit your local salon (lucky You) for a brightening facial, realistically how often to we get to do it.

Facials and treatments are best enjoyed at least once a week, so it is a great idea to build up you collection of mask so you can address what ever skin issue you are facing each week.

Your ideal collection should include:

  • Brightening - You go to when you skin is feeling dull
  • Nurturing and Hydrating - When you skin is so dry and your moisturiser is just not even touching the sides
  • Detoxing - Breakouts and  enlarged pores are in need of a clay extraction facial


So I put together this little kit to give the best results for brightening.


It includes the most important steps:

  • Exfoliation
  • Mask
  • Serum


I have also used a mist, moisturiser and the amazing Bondi Roxx Facial Cupping.  Cupping will cause your skin to get very red immediately after using them, this is meant to happen as we are increasing the circulation, this redness goes down in minutes.


Learn More on our download page where you can download our PDF's on these products.

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