Surviving 10 Days of Isolation - The Hero Products and My Tips

Surviving 10 Days of Isolation - The Hero Products and My Tips

Well as much as I should have been prepared for the inevitable, I was not entirely prepared but I did have some amazing products to help me through - at least until day 6 

Amongst this massive wave of families going down with covid  - last weekend I found my self in Isolation - at first as a house hold contact therefore in iso for 7 days and then 3 days later covid positive myself so 10 days it was.
So how did I go? 
 Well the first 3 days was ok other than the standard FOMO - missed a besties birthday etc etc, all the things we have all had to come to terms with for the last 2 years. 
Then the symptoms hit and for me luckily this was similar to a bad cold.  During this phase I was so grateful that I had brought home the SIMPLE AS THAT VAPOUR RUB.  It is so comforting and I lathered this on my chest and under my nose constantly.

I also loved my BONDI ROXX Gua Sha more than ever, it really helps with congestion - especially around my eyes and my sinus's - I used it with my RETREATMENT BOTANICS RESTORE SERUM and my JOJOBA COMPANY YOUTH POTION.



The other thing I used on top of my usual skincare routine was a new product I picked up from The Green Edit and that is the Habitual Skincare Sleep Mask, my skin is really struggling - open pores, eye bags, dull skin tone - so it needed deep hydration as well as resurfacing. 
This sleep mask was just what I needed. 
I have done a mask every few days - alternating with the AHA Mask from RINASCENTIA.

Each day I have also been taking my SWIISH SUPERGREENS and a little elixir recipe I picked up for GAIA spa which is blended lemon, lime, ginger, turmeric, pepper and honey. 
This is a little shot you can have each morning, it keeps in the fridge for a few days.  You need to blend these in roughly equal parts with enough water to cover the ingredients then strain it to get just juice and no pulp.


I was lighting my ASHWOOD + CO  candles, had my Ikou essential oils in my vapouriser, soaking in Ikou Magnesium salts and feeling ok but tired and sniffly.

Then came the day I lost my taste and smell. 

As I write this on day 6 of being positive - I have about 20% taste and 0 smell. 

It is really quite disturbing for me as someone who values aroma and uses aroma and needs aroma on so many levels. 

I can't smell my candles - oils - skincare - body lotion any of it.  I will never take it for granted again. I wish I had a great piece of advise here but really the only thing to do is wait it out. 

So tomorrow is day 10 and I am feeling better (except for the smell thing). 
So today I have reached for my THREE WARRIORS - I did a full body scrub followed by Facial mist and all over gradual tan. 
It is amazing how much better you can feel and look with a good tan, especially after you have been house bound for 10 days.

My advise is to be prepared with products which are going to give you a little bit of joy and comfort and be kind to your self plus - literally and metaphorically - don't forget to smell the roses - every day - I certainly will be.


Stay Safe




For those who received last weeks orders a little late, my apologies, my amazing Miranda who is helping me at the studio had to have a crash course in printing packing and posting and technology did not want to play, however we got there and keep an eye out for Miranda you will be seeing more of her here at Mooi + U Beauty.

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