My Skincare Routine - I Reveal All

My Skincare Routine - I Reveal All

My Skincare Routine - Collagen Supplements - Serums and Oils. 

I share my entire Skincare Routine with you as it stands today - get comfortable.


When people ask me what my skincare routine is - I truely do not know where to start. I usually think to myself do you really want to know as this could take a while. 

I turned 51 this year (I feel around 30)  I think there is something to be said for attitude and state of mind - but this blog is not about that part of feeling and looking younger than you years.  This blog is about every little thing I do daily to help me achieve my best skin and health.

I am sharing it with you in order to inspire not so much to influence - everyone is different and has different needs and  budgets - likes and dislikes.  Something I have learnt over my 20 years in this industry is that there is not one perfect product for everyone, however I have learnt what types of products you most definitely need to include in your routine, you just have to choose the one right for you and I can help you do that.

I also have included the year, actually I should also time stamp the month, as I do change up my routine often, which is something I highly recommend.  If you are doing the same routine with the same product for longer than a few years, it's time to switch it up.  You skin needs different things as it ages, and the advancement in ingredient sourcing, formulating is incredible, I have seen huge leaps and bounds in just the last few years especially in the natural and organic arena.


So let's Dive in.

Nutrition and Supplements:

Simply the most important part of my routine. I rotate between Optima, Swiish Glow and Kissed Earth Brilliance.  I also take daily the Kissed Earth Brain Elixir or the Magic 8.  In addition to these I add into my day as required (not every day) Swiish Super Greens, Swiish immunity (when I am feeling something coming on), magnesium and zinc from bioseuticals.  

I also try to avoid sugar as best I can, glycation can prematurely age the skin. More on that another time.

Drink mostly water, (and wine) no soft drinks etc and I drink heaps of tea, beauty teas like Fuss Pot and herbal teas with ginger and skin loving ingredients.


Cleansing and Exfoliating:

I don't like to brush over the cleanse bit as I do think this is were a lot of us get it wrong.  We can invest more time and money into the glamour serums and oils (yes they are super important) and underestimate the power of the right cleanser.

I use every morning in the shower a foaming natural cleanser - I am currently using the Jojoba Company bead cleanser but also alternate with the Retreatment Gel Cleanser.


At night I go with a cream or oil cleanser, the reason is these not only take of makeup really well, but they also encourage a little bit of massage which is really really good for your skin.

I currently use The wild Crafted Neroli Oil cleanser and the Retreatment Botanics Cream Cleanser.


I do a really good exfoliation every week usually in the shower or before I do my mask, I have been using the Kora Turmeric scrub which we don't have here at Mooi (one day I hope).  I also use the Vanessa Megan Probiotic Resurfacing powder, this is amazing you can do this a few times a week.



Serums and Oils:

Yes they are the lead singer of the skincare routine, I use a lot of serums and oils and my best recommendation here is to build a collection of at least a vitamin C serum for day and a Vitamin A for night.  Then add in at least one really lovely oil to finish your day off with, choose an oil which is 100% natural.

I currently use Retreatment Botanics Restore serum, Inika Resveratrol Serum, Inika Eye Serum, Kakadu Brightening serum from Retreatment Botanics.  I also like to do incidental oil and massage with the Jojoba Company youth potion and a qua sha.




Creams and moisturisers and your hard working security guards, they hold it all together, protect your skin from the environment and hold in hydration.  I currently use Inika Day Cream.  I also alternate with the Retreatment Botanics Ultra rich Moisturiser.




I do a weekly mask with either Retreatment botanics Glow mask, or The Wild Crafted Hibiscus Mask.  Weekly masks are so important to give you skin a really good dose of nutrition as well as encouraging you to take some self care time.



I use a gua sha at least a few times a week, I use the vibration want from Vanessa Megan a couple times a week.  I have just started facial cupping when I remember, these are from Bondi Roxx.

Tools are a game changer and you should at least get yourself a roller or qua sha and start adding that to your nightly routine.



I also go to our local salon at least every few months and have LED treatment and I alternate this with a Vitamin Peel, Microdermabrasion and Needling.  All natural non invasive treatments which I think work really well at encouraging elastin and collagen production.

I have never had botox and don't plan to any time soon.


I hope this helps you re assess your routine and if you need any help or advise we are always here to help.



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