How to Layer your Skincare like a Pro

How to Layer your Skincare like a Pro

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If you are investing in good quality active clean skincare then it is crucially important you apply it in the correct order.

The best way to think about your skincare application is consider that absorption is the number one goal, especially for the serums and boosters as they need to penetrate deep to do their work.
Each product you use - good or bad - has a molecular size and our skin has the ability to absorb ingredients that are molecularly small enough (which is why we need to avoid harsh chemicals in our skincare as they do absorb but thats a whole other subject)  - anything large will sit on the surface of the skin. 
It doesn't make one better or worse it really is about what it's job is. 
Serums and boosters need to get to the collagen and elastin and moisturisers need to hydrate and protect the top layer of the skin. 
While oils need to protect and assist that lipid layer.  
Exfoliating and Cleansing correctly is also crucial as dead skin, makeup and sweat will stop all your beautiful products from getting anywhere and will leave your skin feeling cluggy.
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Side Note:
Oils all have different molecular structures and characteristics  from each other, that is why some oils are great for problematic skin and some are better for dehydrated skin.  Determine your skin type before choosing your actives.
So what is the best order to apply your skincare:
1.  Cleanse
2.  Exfoliate
3.  Tone or Mist
4.  Booster
5.  Serum
6.  Face Oil
7.  Moisturiser
8.  Sunscreen
Now if you are like me and a little addicted to face oils and skincare in general then you may also want to apply your  face oil first thing in the morning and last thing at night in addition to your routine.  I find this gives my skin an extra boost and protection. 
It's also such a relaxing thing to do as part of your sleep ritual.
If you are also using your beauty tools - and can I recommend this is something you try to work into your routine at least 2-3 times a week - then the qua sha or facial cup will come in after the face oil.  The dermal needle roller will come in after you cleanse and tone before you serum.  Your LED light will go on after the face oil.
Allow each step to absorb before applying the next layer, you don't want them to mix on the skin before they absorb properly.
Also for natural products with no silicones, emulsifiers etc it's always a good idea to warm it in your hands first then press into the skin.  This is especially for creams and sunscreens or balms.  Allow the warmth of your skin to activate the product and it will apply beautifully.
Most importantly allow the time morning and night to enjoy your routine, be in the moment, allow yourself a few extra seconds to massage the skin, especially the jaw line and eye area to assist with lymphatic drainage.
Picking up a skincare kit is a great way of getting products designed to work together.  

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