How to Boost Your Immunity this Winter

How to Boost Your Immunity this Winter

Nothing takes away your glow like a head cold. 

Boosting your immunity is not just a great idea to help keep the sniffles at bay, but all the antioxidants are great for your skin and over all well being.

We love the Swiish range of products here at Mooi + U.  You know we are all about realistic results and authenticity, well these girls have that and more.  

With Specific blends for specific actions means you don't have a watered down blend of ingredients which don't give us the results we are after.  

Check out this PDF which give you all the info you need on the Immunity blend.

Immunity Download


  • Acerola Cherry Extract – up to 100x the vitamin C content
    of oranges and lemons, as well as potent antioxidant and
    antifungal properties.
  • ●  Ashwagandha Root – immune modulator with antibacterial
    & anti-inflammatory properties.
  • ●  Blackcurrant – contains 4 x the amount of vitamin C than
  • ●  Astragalus Root – helps activate the response of your
    immune defence cells.
  • ●  Probiotic Blend – diversifies gut flora where 70% of the
    immune system exists.
  • ●  Zinc – mediates your immune response against viruses &
  • ●  Olive Leaf Extract – enhances immune response against
    harmful pathogens. 

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