Environmentally Friendly Gifts

On Trend this Christmas - Gifts that are Kind to the Planet!

I know they are really easy to wrap and the big box looks great under the tree, but  excess use of plastic on a lot of our "Beauty Gift Box's" are just so yesterday.
For the last couple of years I have been so conscious of the amount of unnecessary plastic and packaging we were consuming - plus all the single use products we could switch out without any compromise.  The obvious items of course the single use water bottle, coffee cup and shopping bag.
These are super easy to switch out and make a huge difference.
Then there is the plastic bags inside of larger plastic bags with a hand full of chips in them, these drive me crazy, it's so easy to get a big bag and pop a serve into a reusable container.
The beauty industry has quite a large carbon footprint, so if we all do our part in minimising this the planet is better for it.
Brands like Retreatment Botanics use all recyclable packaging and also do not use palm oil at all.  So choosing your brands that reflect these same values is good news for the planet.
Things we can do:
Resist buying over packaged plastic display boxes for gifts.

Opt for recycled paper and reuse everything - you will have to resist ripping open presents, and consider when wrapping using minimal tape or using tissue or twine as a bow so the sticky tape does not ruin the wrapping.

I love to reuse all the tissue used to pack all our wholesale orders for all our Mooi Orders and box's are all craft card and totally recyclable.
Support brands who offer recyclable packaging, box less options and which are locally produced in small batches. 
You will find all our brands here at Mooi + U Beauty tick all these boxes.  We also recommend Mukti Organics, they have a great recycle program in place.
Happy Shopping


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