Beauty Tools Trending Hot for 2021

Beauty Tools Trending Hot for 2021

There is no doubt the hot new accessory for everybody’s beauty collection is a beauty tool.

Whether it is a cute amethyst qua sha or a vibrating rose quartz roller - we are all jumping on this massive trend.


However  it is nothing new - qua sha’s have been used for centuries  to improve circulation and cell turnover.

In Chinese medicine it is called scraping and it encourages bloodflow to the surface of the skin and therefore improving circulation and may help with cell turnover as well as product penetration.

Facial massage also helps with lymphatic drainage - which means it will help with puffiness,  especially if you keep your tool in the fridge.  The cooling affect can really help the puff. Always follow the instructions and work from the centre of your face out.

These tools are not just for us at home - Aesthetician’s  love them and many of our products are bought for use in salons.

For me I love the massage and the ritual - allowing me to take a moment to allow products to absorb take tension out of the jaw and the face as well as all the other skin benefits.

We have a great collection of tools starting from $29 including qua sha’s, cupping sets, crystal eye masks, rollers and vibration wands.

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