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Yes - skincare is super important and should be the foundation of your routine!

But don't discount all the incidental things you can do each day to elevate your results and give you your best skin health.

The incidental things may be something you are already doing and it only takes swapping the product involved to add in skin loving benefits.

I have 3 incidentals you may not have thought of which you can adapt now to be working for your skin health.


1. Collagen Teas

Inner Beauty is a booming category and most of us now are taking our dose of marine or bovine collagen every day and getting amazing results.  Another way you can get a little extra each day is by switching our your morning or afternoon tea with a collagen infused tea like those from Fuss Pot Tea.
Not only do you get great antioxidants from the tea but the extra dose of hydrolysed collagen is so beneficial not just for skin for general health.

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2. A Good Hand Cream

We all know the big age give away are always our hands and our necks.  Taking good care of your hands will keep them looking younger and healthier for longer.  I apply hand cream at least 2-3 times a day, so why not make it a good, anti ageing, toxin free cream so you get the brightening and hydrating benefits as well as the moisturising and softening affect.

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3.  Balm 

From lips to cuticles to dry elbows a good balm is worth its weight in gold.  As we age our lips get thinner and loose pigment.  Our skin gets more dehydrated and sensitive.  Having a good - and I mean good clean blend of natural waxes and oils - will give your skin a nourishing boost multiple times a day, plus a good balm will protect your skin and nourish at the same time.

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