A Good Night Sleep - Your Best Beauty Secret

A Good Night Sleep - Your Best Beauty Secret

No matter how many serums and powders you use daily, lose a couple of nights sleep and your youthful glow will be compromised.

The SWIISH Sleep Superfood Powder has beautiful natural foods that contain melatonin and foods that can help the body produce melatonin.

Ingredients like:

Tart Cherry - The Tart Cherry is rich melatonin which is the hormone that helps you get to sleep,  it also has the ability to help your body produce serotonin which is our sleep regulator.
Melatonin is our sleep hormone, our body produces this to help lower the heart rate and prepare the body for our sleep phase which is so important for our mind and body on so many levels. 
Siberian Ginseng has been shown in studies to help with sleep quality and has been used in Chinese Medicine for more than 2000 years.

Not sleeping long enough or deep enough leaves us perpetually tired, stressed and worse with a lowered immunity.

Swiish Sleep Powder

So on top of treating your self to a delicious chai flavoured Sleep Superfood drink 20 minutes before bed, here are a few more sleep rituals that I swear by.

  • Dim the Lights:  Go with lamps rather than down lights - lighting a candle  is also a beautiful way to unwind before bed.
  • Ditch the Technology:  Try to turn off the phone - switch to flight mode and keep it as far away from the bed as practical.
  • Facial Oil Massage:  You should have already done you evening routine, but just before bed (it's a good idea to have it next to the bed) apply your favourite face oil and take a moment to massage in.
  • Magnesium Oil:  Spray this onto your legs or feet just before you get into bed, it helps calm your muscles.
  • Read:  Even if it is only 1-2 pages, it is a great ritual to escape the daily concerns and escape into a story.


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